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Elite Athletes at Body Solve - Power Lifters

A normal day at Body Solve brings a host of patients through the door. From the very young to the very old, the sedentary to the very active. Along with these traits we see patients who are experts in their chosen fields. Today we talk about Power Lifters at Body Solve.

Power lifting is a weightlifting sport focused on three lifts in competition - The Deadlift, The Squat and the Bench Press. All three lifts are done in front of a set of judges and each lift must be performed in lines with strict rules.

The specifics of the criteria would take to long in this post and so the main idea of each lift is that it must hit a certain depth in the range of motion and must also be controlled.

At Body Solve Elite athletes we have Jack Jones and Chris Derrick both of whom are Power Lifters at different stages in their careers. Chris has just turned 30 years old whilst Jack is just starting out in his late teens. Don't be fooled by their youth however they are both set to smash British Power lifting Records this year.

Power lifters are renowned for being immobile behemoths and whilst these two beasts have the strength of a behemoth - to look at they don't come across as the monsters that you first think of when someone mentions power lifting. Both of the athletes are more flexible than most and with the added strength it gives them an edge in their field.

When they both arrived at Body Solve we took them through a full 'MOT' we assessed everything from neck movement to ankle flexibility. There were areas were both excelled and areas that definitely needed work.

We found both lifters to be restricted in their hip flexors and quads along with dorsiflexion in their ankles. With some specific focused work on these regions along with a broad treatment to ease some of the other tension areas (hamstrings, lower back). The improvement in the squat mechanics along with a report that they were both able to lift heavier and notably both were more comfortable

If you would like to go through a mobility assessment to find out what areas you excel in or need help in then let us know. We would be happy to offer advice, support and treatment at either of our clinics in Swansea or Port Talbot.

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