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Deep Tissue Massage Swansea - Body Solve


What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage Swansea techniques are used to resolve high tension issues within musculature, fascia and soft tissue structures. Whenever receiving this kind of treatment it is highly important that the therapist has a great understanding of the human anatomy. With professional deep tissue massage Port Talbot training and experience our therapists can help with a huge amount of problems, some of the most common are as follows -

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Flexibility problems

With poor flexibility comes pain and dysfunction. Whatever level you play sport or practice a hobby – flexibility is vital. From working in the garden every day to Olympic weightlifting – each activity requires a varying amounts of flexibility

At Body Solve we include specific flexibility treatment into your treatment. For example – if your not quite getting into that low squat position when weightlifting then we look at the mechanics of your technique and use deep tissue massage techniques to lengthen or aid in shortening specific muscles that are being used when you squat. The same principles can be used for almost any activity (yoga postures/poses, gymnastics, hobbies such as gardening, painting, musicians).

Not every sport or hobby requires the level of flexibility shown in the adjacent image, however it is important to have a good all round level to ensure that whatever it is your doing you can do it pain free and to the best of your ability at that time.

Suffering with constant pain is one of the worst things a person can experience. A lot of people have the mentality that they just have to live with it – it’s almost never the case. Often the human body develops holding patterns due to a variety of different reasons or combination of reasons, things such as occupation, hobby, going through pregnancy, habits such as – chatting on the phone, using the laptop, desktop computer or texting, watching the television, driving long distances or being in a seated position a lot. All these things contribute to body holding patterns or musculature holding patterns.

Over time our bodies get comfortable in these positions (my posture is terrible, I have rounded shoulders etc). This happens because the muscles that are most used in our day to day habits become stronger and often shortened along with other muscles becoming lengthened with that over time the skeletal system follows suit and inevitably ends up developing holding patterns (poor posture, rounded shoulders for example).

Deep tissue massage can help adjust these holding patterns and with treatment along with stretching/mobility and exercises over time the holding patterns can be eased and pain removed completely or reduced to a much lower level.

Chronic Pain – Headaches, Back Pain, Sciatic symptoms
Immobile Joints and stiff muscles

Have your joints been sore a lot lately or feeling a lot less immobile, deep tissue massage can help alleviate the stress on the joints by ensuring the muscles and soft tissue around the joint are working correctly – for example knee pain and dysfunction can often be caused by dysfunctional quad muscles which over time put extra strain on the knee and cause excessive wear and tear.

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