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Ceryn Hopkins
Master Of Osteopathy 

The latest member to the Body Solve team is a Master of Osteopathy and a sports therapist. Her Initial studies in sports massage ignited her interest in anatomy, physiology and manual therapy. With the sports massage qualification under the belt her aspiration to become an even better therapist grew and so Ceryn decided to join the 4 years Osteopathy Degree course in Swansea University.

Originally from Bridgend Ceryn’s hard working, approachable, driven and enthusiastic nature helped her compete at county level in Hockey. Her determination to succeed set her up very well to complete the renowned difficult Master Degree in Osteopathy.  All of this coincides well with her excellent manual therapy skills and enables her to treat a wide array of patients.

Before training to become a Professional Osteopath Ceryn had experience working alongside Cardiff Blues Rugby Team. With the setting at the rugby very different to a clinic setting allows Ceryn to call on all her experience and piece together all pieces of the puzzle before coming to a conclusion or diagnosis with a patients symptoms.

If you are unsure if Ceryn could help then why not call us for a free consultation to see if we can help you at Body Solve.




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