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Sports Massage Swansea

Sports massage Swansea

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What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports massage Swansea in the short term is a variety of massage techniques to aid recovery of an injury (whether it resulted in sport or not).

Professional sports massage therapist Swansea and port talbot look to increase the muscular mobility, functionality and overall condition by increasing blood flow, lengthening shortened soft tissue, aiding mobility of shorter muscular structures and ultimately improve the overall condition.

So what exactly can I expect from a sports massage in Body solve?


At Body Solve there will be a brief informal meet and chat before beginning the session. Following will be a case history consultation involving medical history questions regarding the complaint along with personal lifestyle and work habits. This will enable the sports massage therapist Swansea a chance to build evidence and ultimately help create a treatment plan. After the consultation, there will be a physical assessment and postural analysis (which will include some basic movement checks). Finally an explanation as to what the sports massage therapist thinks is going wrong or right before the treatment.  
Lastly, there will be home care advice and exercises. The home care advice is highly important, after all, you are only going to be in the clinic for a short time where we can help you, as health professionals, we can only advise you what to do next. If the exercises and advice are followed then that is half of the battle and you will be well on your way to full recovery.


What Should I wear for my appointment at Body Solve?


During the treatment, you may be required to move around the sports massage table, as well as hopping on and off the table to re-assess movement patterns and continually assess improvements and differences. With that in mind, it's advisable to bring along some shorts and a t-shirt or vest.

Will the sports massage hurt? I've heard many people say its really painful?


The treatment will involve a variety of massage techniques along with stretching of muscle and soft tissue. Often people panic when going for a sports massage, they think that it's going to be extremely painful and unpleasant throughout. This isn't always the case, most treatment should be nowhere near excruciating and should definitely not leave you screaming in agony like some horror stories we've all heard.


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