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Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Alignment with Jo

Monday - 6p,m 

Jo's style of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga aims to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Having spent time in India solely focusing on Yoga places Jo in the perfect position to help you as a complete beginner or a more advanced Yoga practitioner.

Beginner's Yoga 

Tuesday 4.45 p,m

This will be a second chance to catch the beginners class that is on at 615pm. If you are a complete beginner or have never practised Yoga then this is a great place to start.

Beginners Yoga With Charlotte

Wednesday 6.15 pm 

Charlotte is back and will be taking you through a gentle beginners yoga class! This is the perfect place to start your Yoga Journey - whether you are a complete newbie, looking to get back into Yoga or just want to strip back your practice and go over the fundamentals this is the perfect opportunity.

Beginner / Intermediate Ashtanga Yoga with Abbey.

Thursday - 530 p.m

This modified Ashtanga yoga primary series will be completely aimed at the beginner level Yogi. If you are a complete beginner or had some time away from yoga then this will certainly have something to offer. The class taken by Abbey will look into vinyasa flows and movements. It will include a sequence of linked balances, movements and postures, breathing and relaxation. This style of yoga will be aimed to increase flexibility, mobility, peacefulness, relaxation and focus.

**Postponed until further notice**
Saturday Morning Yoga With Abbey

Saturday - 8 a.m

Kickstart the weekend with an invigorating flow with Abbey. The class will focus on various aspects of Yoga including breath work, Stretching the whole body, relaxation and improving focus. This will be a great way to start the weekend or finally take time out to improve your body and mental well-being. Suitable for all levels of Yoga students

Heated Yoga with Jo - Mixed Level Beginners to Advanced 

Monday - 715 p,m 

From the start of the class the temperature will begin to rise from a gentle 16 Deg, C to around 26-35 Deg. C.

With the focus on allowing the blood to flow more freely, encouraging deeper Asanas, through the deeper reaches of the muscle beds becoming more malleable. The flow will create a deep warming sensation through the whole body and mind allowing sensations of euphoria and focus.

Beginner's Yoga

Tuesday 6.15 p,m

 This Yoga class focuses on the primary aspects. Given sometime and practice Yoga is accessible and amazing for all walks of life. This is the perfect starting point if you have never practised Yoga or are looking to get back into Yoga after some time out.

*** POSTPONED until further notice ***Vinyasa Yoga With Mike

Wednesday - 7.30 p.m

This class will flow through a variety of asanas (postures) and will include balances, inversions, breathwork. It is a great class for anyone seeking to improve and take their Yoga practice deeper and onto another level.

Ashtanga Yoga with Abbey - Mixed ability modified primary series.

Thursday - 7 p.m

This class will delve into the primary series of Ashtanga movements. It will include a sequence of linked balances, inversions, movements and postures, breathing and relaxation. This style of yoga will aim to increase flexibility, mobility, peacefulness, relaxation and focus.

Sunday Morning Flow  Yoga with Charlie

Sunday 845 a.m

Is there a better way to start or end your week than a session with Charlie at Body Solve. With the focus on conscious breath control, being centred along with awakening the total core, engaging and balancing opposing muscle groups to allow strength building and postural imbalances

YogaLates with Diane -suitable for all levels

Tuesday 9.30 a,m

This morning class will invigorate and inspire you to get moving, increase stability, activate the core, improve weight loss and get you sweating just a little. YogaLates will be with Diane and will focus on elements of both Yoga and Pilates, with a combination of the two offering the best of both worlds.

Restorative Yoga

Tuesday 7.30 p.m

A much slower paced style of yoga, suitable for all levels from beginner student to someone who has been practicing for a long time. Restorative Yoga will focus more on relaxing into Asanas and will allow for a much deeper slow paced experience. Great for those wanting to improve flexibility, mobility, relax and switch off from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind.

**Postponed until further notice** 
Morning Vinyasa Yoga

Thursday - 930 a.m

Take your Thursday to the next level with a Vinyasa Yoga sequence at Body Solve's Studio. The class will be suitable for all levels of student and will be beginner friendly with elements suitable for more advanced Yogis. Come and play on the mat every Thursday at 9.30 am.

Yoga With Jo

Friday - 6 p.m

An awesome way to finish the week and start the weekend. A strong dynamic Yoga session that will include elements of Vinyasa flow and play with foundations of finding progressions into inversions (arm balances, headstands). The class is aimed towards a mixed level student (mixed level is a person who isn't a complete beginner and is physically active and capable to confidently try most aspects of yoga).


Sunday 6 p.m

Sunday's early evening class will be focusing on a variety of aspects of Yoga. The session will be focused to improve your mobility, flexibility, improve your focus, breathing technique and round off your weekend perfectly.

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