Yoga and Classes At Body Solve

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See Bookings Page to see dates and times available - £18- 2 hour
With Emma

Chakra Cleanse Workshop

This workshop will use yoga and meditation to help you release any imbalances in your energy system.

Working on the 7 main chakras throughout the workshop, we will release and bring alignment back to your body.


The workshop will include workbooks to help you understand where you are holding emotions and also help you to understand your thoughts and feelings. 

This workshop will give you a basic understanding of where and how you hold onto energies in the body.  

Women Practicing Yoga at Body Solve

Monday - 6p,m 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Alignment with Jo (Confident Beginners/intermediate/advanced Yoga students welcome).

Jo's style of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga aims to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Having spent time in India solely focusing on advancing her Yoga, this places Jo in the perfect position to help you as a confident beginner or a more advanced Yoga practitioner.

Yoga at Body Solve

Tuesday 7.30pm

Slow Flow With Emma

Strength Yoga - using props to increase strength and mobility.  Suitable for all as props are used for support.  Stronger class to help the body build muscle to help in your daily yoga practice and fitness goals

This practice is perfect for anyone struggling with specific areas in Yoga and wants to improve and build on the foundation that they have.

Lotus Pose
Ashtanga Yoga at Body Solve

Thursday - 730 p.m

Power Yoga with Jo - Mixed Ability

This class will delve into the primary series of Ashtanga movements. It will include a sequence of linked balances, inversions, movements and postures, breathing and relaxation. This style of yoga will aim to increase flexibility, mobility, peacefulness, relaxation and focus. The class is suitable for confident beginners who have been practicing for some time along with intermediate and advanced students.

Leg Stretching Yoga Pose
Yoga Port Talbot.jpg

Sunday 10 a.m - Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow With Nicole

​This morning Vinyasa class is designed to energise body and mind, warming up with gentle stretching then working up to some more dynamic flows. Sequences are aimed at challenging you within your skill level to build strength and flexibility while centering and focusing the mind using techniques from the ancient philosophy and practise of Yoga

Yoga Man Headstand

27th April - 745-845pm - £14 With Rhi

Please note, the price includes prior mandatory 630pm class attendance on the same day (630-730pm plus asana lab 745-845 £14 total)

Asana Lab Inversion Workshop

This inversion asana lab will focus on the pre requisites for traditional headstand, tripod and forearm stand. Looking at how we open up and activate in the right spaces to feel confident and safe when inverting. We’ll focus on our foundation and how we can build. No inversion experience is required- all you need is a ‘have a go’ attitude and a desire to learn how your body is approaching these inversions.

Head Stand Pose
Strong Woman

Monday - 730 p,m 

Yoga with Jo - Beginners  Yoga

This class will be a toned-down beginner-friendly class that can accommodate all Yoga students. From breathwork to postures this class will cover all the aspects and invigorate your inner Yogi in no time at all.


Wednesday 6.30 pm 

Awakening Yoga with Rhi.

A yoga system created by Carling Harps and Patrick Beach in 2016, Awakening yoga is a progressive practice with a more functional approach to movement and yoga asana, built for a modern student.
The classes are designed to meet you where you are, challenge you to explore your potential and hopefully have fun in the journey.

Stretch Yoga Pose

Friday - 6 p.m

Yang Yin Yoga With Sara

Come back into balance on Friday evening with a flow to fire you up and then help you wind down into the weekend. Half an hour of ‘yang’ - dynamic flowing movements followed by half an hour of ‘yin’ yoga - slow, deep stretches and relaxation. 

Free Class
Easter Eggs on Hay

April 6p.m - 90 Minute - £14

Cracking the Shell an Easter Yoga Practice

So often we encapsulate ourselves in a hard shell, protecting us from the world but also keeping our true selves hidden.


This 90 min gentle workshop will be all about cracking open that shell, to let go of our own false beliefs so that maybe can shine some light on our own intentions for the coming spring

Pilates Exercise

Tuesday 6 p.m

Beginners Yoga With Emma

This evenings class is a great opportunity for anyone interested in trying Yoga for the first time. Complete beginners are welcome, This class will focus on the fundamentals of Yoga and will build your confidence towards being able to attend any of our classes at Body Solve.

Lotus Pose
Practicing Yoga

Thursday - 6p.m

Resorative  Yoga with Jo

This style of Yoga will focus on deep relaxation, improving mobility and flexibility along with holding each of the positions for a little longer than usual to allow the body and mind to settle into each asana. This class is suitable for all Yoga students, remember to always practice within your capabilities. 

Ashtanga Class

Saturday 8 a.m

Morning Vinyasa Flow with Emma

This morning class will invigorate and inspire you to get moving, increase stability, flexibility, activate the core, improve focus land get you ready for the weekend.

Yoga Man Headstand