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Kinesiology Taping

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Kinesiology taping


Kinesiology tape can be utilised to improve the body and optimise its healing procedure. It achieves this by offering increased positional awareness to the muscular, skeletal and joint system. Whilst maintaining body position it also allows full range of movement without further restriction.

The tape comes in an array of colours and is cut to shape and size to create the perfect structural balance and awareness aid.


Who can benefit from Kinesiology taping?

From the elderly to the young taping is now used throughout day to day life. From ankle sprains to postural adjustment awareness the tape really can help a huge array of complaints. Some of our patients at Body Solve include recreational athletes, office workers and then we have the high end athlete. All of which have benefited from taping.

What kind of injuries and ailments can benefit from taping?

Reduction in swelling, postural alignment reminders, increasing range of motion, joint distraction, sprains, repetitive strain injuries – these are just a few the things that can be assisted with taping methods. The taping method used by the Body Solve team has been proven by its creators to improve symptoms associated with the lymph system, fascial and muscular system, skeletal system, soft tissue structures including ligaments, tendons and the fascia system.

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