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SSports Therapy Swansea

Sports therapy Swansea

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What is Sports Therapy?

Sports therapy Swansea in the short term is a variety of manual therapy techniques to aid recovery of an injury (whether it resulted in sport or not).

Professional sports  therapist swansea look to increase the muscular mobility, functionality and overall condition by increasing blood flow, lengthening shortened soft tissue, aiding mobility of shorter muscular structures and ultimately improve the whole bodies condition.

So what exactly can I expect during sports therapy at Body Solve


During the session at Body Solve you will be met at reception by your sports therapist. From there you will go through a full health consultation to discuss your symptoms and determine the best treatment that will aid your symptoms.

After the consultation there will be a postural and movement assessment which will help determine what musculature and areas of the body are causing the problem.

The treatment will then begin and it can involve anything from soft tissue massage to spine and peripheral joint mobilisations, exercises and stretching. 

After your treatment you will then be given home care advice and support to further help with your symptoms and healthcare. As professional healthcare therapists we cannot stress the important of following home care advice. Often it is overlooked and completely ignored. Following up with the home care advice will see you recover a lot quicker.


What Should I wear for my appointment at Body Solve?


Ideally if you could bring along a pair of sports shorts and a vest or t shirt, this is mainly so that your therapist can take you through any exercises or stretching at the end of the session. 

Will the sports therapy hurt? 


Sports therapy can often be given a bad name. however your sports therapist Swansea will discuss everything with you. Sports therapy can be uncomfortable however it should never be excruciating and can therapy can be stopped at any time during the session. 


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