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Aimee Penhale
Master Of Osteopathy 

Aimee a passionate, driven and enthusiastic individual has a hugely caring nature and is always trying to help others, this can be seen within her role as a parent and Professional Osteopath.


Aimee’s career as a Professional Osteopath began when awarded a 2:1 level Master’s Degree in Osteopathy here in Wales by Swansea University. Her final dissertation focused on headaches and specifically cervicogenic headaches which is now a field that Aimee is a specialty in.


Being a parent of 2, Aimee is always busy however still manages to free up extra time and volunteer at a local football team. This is something Aimee considers very rewarding and throws herself in the deep end each week. Not knowing what kind of injury, niggle or pain is going to be on the menu. Aimee uses her other qualifications in dry needling and kinesiology taping to aid the team and coaching staff along with Osteopathy to ensure the team are fighting fit and ready to win.


The same enthusiasm can be seen in the clinic setting where Aimee incorporates Osteopathy, Dry needling and kinesiology taping into tailor-made treatment plans which ensures a rounded approach to any complaint that you may have as a patient.


To book a session with Aimee click ‘Book Now’ and you’ll be directed to the booking system where you can easily reserve an appointment with her.

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