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Nutrition At Body Solve

12-week action plan for £100.00 

The 12 weeks will consist of the following - 

In-depth healthcare/personal life/occupation/social life questionnaire (to be filled prior to initial session)

60-90 minute Professional consultation conducted by either of our two Nutritionists. 

The initial consultation will include - discussion of your results from the questionnaire and targets/goals (for example - reduce symptoms such as pain, headaches, skin conditions, lose weight, gain weight, become healthier, reduce tiredness,  allergies to name a few). 


An action plan put in place 


Weekly monitoring through either = remote video call or phone call along with food/exercise/ diary monitoring.


At the 4th and 8th week you will come back in for a further check-up, measurements if required and any tweaks and adjustments that may be needed


At the 12 week stage, there will be a one to one consultation to see how everything has been overall and will include final measurements and symptom checks along with further ongoing support and advice.

What To Expect

Nutrition At Body Solve

To Book a Consultation call - 07542 367 102
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