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Sports Massage Bridgend at Body Solve

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Can sports massage bridgend at Body Solve help me?

If you have picked up a niggle, injury or muscular complaint then yes we can help you. Regardless iof what it is you do we can definitely help. We see a host of patients and clients from the young to the elderly ad from the high end elite athlete to the sedentary couch potato. Whatever it is you do if you have picked up an injury then call and have a chat with one of the team they will be happy to help and see if sports massage can benefit you.

What Can I expect at Body Solve?

At Body Solve we pride ourselves on figuring out what is actually causing the symptoms and not just treating the symptoms. With that in mind we will always go through a health consultation followed by postural and sometimes movement analysis. This will give us a fuller idea as to what exactly is causing the symptoms. Following that there will be in depth advanced sports massage and then to finish there will be ongoing home care advice and support.

What is Sports Massage, and how can it help you?  


Sports massage is completely different to the massage you receive on holiday or at a spa. It focuses on specific muscles rather than a general or broad surface area. It can be uncomfortable on times but by no means should it be excruciating to the point of tears. Incorporating a sports massage into your daily sport or hobby routine can be highly beneficial. It will create improvements in mobility, joint functionality and also improve performance with regards to sports and hobbies.

How is Sports Massage Bridgend at Body Solve different than any other sports massage location.


The sports massage therapists at Body Solve are highly trained in manual therapy, movement techniques, stretching, rehabilitation and exercise. They all have backgrounds in sport and have all experienced injuries that have held them back. With that it they are now looking to give back to those who are injured.

With ongoing home care advice, support and quick message back services the team at Body Solve really are one of the leaders in the UK sports massage scene.

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