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Elite Athlete Program With Body Solve
Joshua Parry
Olympic Weightlifter at 2018 Common Wealth Games

Joshua Parry is in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth games in 

He is competing in the 94kg category Olympic Lifting event. With the intensity
of his training at an all time high level he is in constant need of manual
therapy, mobility, preventative maintenance and ongoing exercise and rehabilitation for his muscular, skeletal, neurological and performance systems. Josh came to Body Solve around 4 weeks away from the competition start.

We went through a full Body MOT check in the initial session to identify any kinks in his mobility and functional systems. Josh is a highly keen athlete and knows how his body should feel, work and perform under a given scenario and it has been a pleasure to work with someone as informed as Joshua. He takes any advice onboard, listens and definitely works his hardest to become the highest level athlete he can possibly be.

His subsequent session seen us work with his ankle mobility along with his thoracic spine and erectors of the back. We identified his posterior chain had become highly worked during his intense training and decided to alleviate some of that muscular and skeletal tension with manual hands on techniques.

Post session Joshua reported feeling far more confident with his mobility during the advanced olympic lifts such as Clean and Jerk/snatch.

With his third session due shortly we decided to bring one of our Osteopaths into the session to free up Joshua's cervical spine and offer more advanced therapy on his ankle. 

Keep an eye on Joshua's progress here and if you are a competing athlete, recreational weight lifter or are in need of 'Pain Free Living' then give us a call at Body Solve.

Name - Joshua Parry

Home - Port Talbot

Sport - Weightlifter - 94kg category 


Best Lifts  - Snatch - 131kg
                     Clean and jerk - 165kg 


Achievements - Welsh open 2014 - 3rd place 
                              Welsh open 2015 - 2nd place
                              Welsh championships 2016 - 1st place 
                              British championships 2016 - 6th place 
                              Welsh open 2017 - 1st place 

Recent History 
I have been Olympic weightlifting for just under 4 years and will hopefully be going for many more after this. Main bulk of my training was through Mark Bennet at Iron Shed, and now lift out of SA1 weightlifting academy.
Recent News
Recently qualified for my first international competition at the 2018 commonwealth games. This CWG will be a new experience and something I can build on in future years. 

Future Goals
My future goals are to podium at a British championships, gain as much international experience as I can and take home a medal in the next Commonwealth Games 2022/2026.

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