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Indian Head Massage

Holistic Treatments at Body Solve

Indian Head massage can also be known as Champissage. It is a very old traditional Hindi form of treatment that focuses mainly on the head, face, neck and shoulder region.

The main focus of Indian Head Massage is to create deep relaxation of the mind and body.


How does Indian Head Massage Work?

By focusing on improving the tone of the muscles in the neck, face head and shoulders along with inevitably improving blood flow in the same areas we find Indian Head Massage to be deeply relaxing and beneficial.


What can I expect when receiving Indian Head Massage at Body Solve?


When you arrive at Body Solve for your Indian Head Massage. Your therapist will take you through a professional healthcare consultation. This usually takes around 5-15 minutes.


From here your fully qualified and insured holistic therapist will begin the Indian head massage - the Massage will involve a range of movements including deep kneading and compression around the muscles of the neck and shoulders. With further kneading and massage to different areas of the scalp. The face will also be gently massaged and pressure pointed at various locations. 

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

Some of the benefits include reduced stress levels, better focus, reduced headache pain, help with sinus issues, improved blood flow to the scalp and skin, better sleep patterns, increased energy levels, reduced aches and pains.

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