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Sports Massage Cardiff

Click the 'Book Online' Button and reserve a sports massage with Wales leading Provider of Professional Sports Massage.

It's Simple, Quick and Secure!

Who can be helped at Body Solve?

Whether you are from a sedentary background and have picked up an injury at work or from a repetitive strain, a regular gym goer who has hit the training too hard, fallen over at a summer BBQ or a high level elite athlete training for a competition. You will all be offered the same level of consultation, treatment and aftercare support.

What Can I expect at Body Solve?

A full in depth health consultation, postural and movement analysis, flexibility, mobility and joint functionality checks, advanced sports massage techniques and ongoing 24/7 support and advice.

What is Sports Massage, and how can it help you?  


Regular massage such as Swedish and classic massage styles or usually what’s offered in spas and the like for relaxation. Cardiff sports massage at Body Solve is a facility for getting fixed and not relaxation.​


How is Sports Massage different than ordinary massage?


Sports massage at Body Solve is a highly in-depth and detailed, focused massage. The professional therapists are trained in anatomy and physiology and use techniques that target the specific muscular issues at hand.

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