Swedish Massage

Holistic Therapies at Body Solve

Swedish Massage

Body Solve's new team of Holistic therapists are now on hand to deliver a host of new therapies. 


Swedish Massage is already offered throughout the western world often as part of medical insurance packages and recognised elsewhere in the EU as a standard procedure to aid a variety of conditions.

Britain are often a little behind when it comes to holistic therapies but we are very happy to announce that a new list of holistic therapies has become available at Body Solve.


Information on Swedish Massage


Our Swedish Massage Port Talbot utilises an array of treatment methods from kneading to acupressure and from flowing to focus movements to ensure an encompassing treatment for many symptoms and ailments.

There are an amazing amount of benefits from having a Swedish Massage. From the mind rest to the increased blood flow it really can help you relax, unwind and become more focused. The mindfulness aspect of Swedish massage is not to be overlooked, many people look after their body but don’t give their mind a second thought.

Some of the lesser known benefits of Swedish massage include improved bowel and bladder movement, increased respiratory function, lymphatic drainage, swelling reduction, reduced anxiety and improved mobility.

With the offer of a back massage Port Talbot or a full body massage. The option of either is totally up to you and each session will be completely tailored to each individual’s requirements. The areas covered in the Full Body Swedish Massage are back, neck and shoulders, legs, arms, chest, feet and hands. At Body Solve we know some people prefer to have different areas treated and prefer not to have other areas massaged, with that in mind just let your therapist know during the professional consultation and the session will be adjusted to suit.