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Sponsored Athletes at Body Solve

At Body Solve we have patients from the very young to the very old. We have patients from the sedentary to the very active. We treat patients
from all walks of life.

Occasionally we decide to help local elite athletes achieve their goals and ambitions by sponsoring them. We cannot reveal all our sponsored athletes, however, take a look at some of our current athletes we help out at Body Solve.


At the moment we have the following -

1. Jo Morris - Professional Surfer
2. Joshua Parry - Olympic Weight Lifter

3. Sinead Breeze - Professional Wales Rugby Player

4. Ben Williams - Long Distance Runner
5. Alys Barton - Professional Surfer
6. Ellie Pryor - Olympic Weight Lifter
7. Paul Lewis - Iron Man Triathlete
8. Jack Jones - Power Lifter


Click on any of the names to read more information on what we are 

working to achieve with each of the athletes along with any achievements

they have to date.




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